Guitar Music Is Dead......apparently

Listening to Talk Radio on my way home from work I caught a review of some newly released songs all of which were severely forgettable and very computerised but at the end the reviewer stated 'Guitar music is not cool anymore and is out of fashion'. This concerned me a little bit particularly I am in an uncool and out of fashion guitar band. This got me thinking about the way that music trends tend to follow a carefully engineered cycle driven by powerful music executives who quite honestly would struggle to differentiate between Dr Dre, Dr Feelgood and Dr Christian.

The trends are so transparent..... it goes from solo artists to boy bands to girl bands to DJs to rappers to solo artists to boy bands to................ Unfortunately these guys own the industry and these guys dictate what is pumped into our ears on the radio, in shops, in films in advertising etc...etc...etc.

What normally happens is dissatisfaction grows amongst the youth music market and some will eventually take it into their own hands and start to make their own music by forming their own bands and creating the sort of sounds that they want to hear. It happened in

1976/77 with the birth of Punk Rock, it happened again at the end of the 80s start of the 90s with 'MADCHESTER' which then evolved to 'Britpop'. And all this happened without the World Wide Web....this happened because of word of mouth, because of a love of live music. Friends would go and see their friends band and then get others to go and see them who would then get get the idea. Eventually the sub-culture would get to such a size that news would get out to the music press and 'THE NEXT BIG THING' would be shared to the world. At that point the Music Execs would start to sniff around and promise untold riches whilst slowly evaporating the musical ownership from up and coming artists by focusing on 'Hits' rather than music.

It is strange though that since the last Sub-culture burst onto the mainstream in the 90s we have not seen anything new break through since and yet we have the web and access to music that is happening all over the world right now. So why is this? Have the music execs completely brainwashed an entire generation to believe that the only music that exists is what they hear in the charts or see on MTV.

As a band, we play live...alot and we see other local bands alot.... and it is noticeable that the average age of people who go to see local live bands is usually 30+ which is considerably outside the age demographics that our Music Execs target. So maybe the issue is education. Educating people that there is more out there and encouraging them to explore different sounds, genres and influences. Who knows, maybe they might just discover a sound that they love and next time they will take a friend to see the band who will then take another friend....... Before you know it...THE NEXT BIG THING!

So is Guitar Music really dead? No!!!! It is alive and breathing in pubs, clubs, YouTube, Sound cloud and many, many, many other places....just not in the media. So let's all rally together and change the music that is pumped into our heads on a daily basis. Let's create the next sub-culture wherever you live. Let's educate the millennial's that there is more to life than 'Pit bull' and 'Britney'.

Go and see a local guitar band this week and take a friend, and if you like them, go see them again....and again. If you don't like them you will still have a great night out and can start all over again the following week with a different band. Eventually you will find a sound that pulls you in and who knows, they might be THE NEXT BIG THING.

#DrDre #DrFeelgood #Britpop #PunkRock

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