Billboard Magazine Greatest Rock Singers

If you stood in the middle of 'Anytowns' High Street in the UK and conducted a survey asking Joe Public to name 5 of the greatest rock singers of all time you would probably hear many of the names being repeated from person to person. What you probably wouldn't expect to hear are the names Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix.....would you? I know I certainly wouldn't however this is clearly not a view from across the Atlantic.

America's Billboard Magazine have published a list of what they say is the definitive list of the best ever rock singers. I won't waste my time or yours going through the full list (it is available online) but for you to get a feel for this pointless chart I thought I would share with you the top 5.

At number 5 we have Janis Joplin (go on try and name a song). Great singer granted but fifth greatest of all time?

At number 4 we have Elvis Presley. The fact that he has sold over 1 billion records worldwide clearly means nothing to the editorial staff at Billboard.

At number 3 we have Jimi Hendrix????? Really????? A great guitarist but how many people talk about his singing.

At number 2 finally we have someone not from the USA as the brilliant and versatile vocalist Freddie Mercury is denied the top spot by just one place.

So I am sure that you are racking your memory to try and work out who is The Greatest Rock Singer of all time? Lennon, McCartney, Bonn Scott, Coverdale or even Lemmy?

Well according to America's Billboard Magazine the Greatest Rock Singer of all time is America's very own .......... Bruce Springsteen? Of course? Why did I not think of him?

I would challenge the Billboard staff to rename their chart as The Greatest American Rock Singer of all time. Before you respond and tell me that Freddie wasn't American, I know. There is good news though, as taking Freddie out of the chart will free up a space where the Billboard team can include another of their favourites. How about that bloke from Toto.

In my mind, charts like this are pointless, they are like those annoying Facebook apps which claim to tell you what famous person you were in your past life, or your real age in animal years. Rather than dwelling in the past and browsing through their own antiquated record collections I challenge the staff at Billboard to open up their eyes and ears and try and discover all of the great music that has been created across the world in the past 40 years and continues to be created today. Music did not die a death in 1980, it merely entered the next of many continuing, evolving chapters.

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