Some People Are Just Not Very Nice

Being in a band is a choice, some days it is the best thing ever, other days you just rack your brain to understand why you continue to do it. Going from the absolute high anticipation over a forthcoming venue to absolute low of the reality when you realise that the venue had done nothing to promote the event and the only people who had made the effort to turn up were the bar staff.

When on stage with a band you bare your soul, you show a persona that may be far removed from ‘the real you’. With this comes a risk as anyone who sees you on stage or on video or who listens to your music will formulate an opinion about you based on the limited information that they have. Think about it, how many times have you heard someone make a comment about someone famous ‘Oh I met them once, they were horrible, totally ignored me’. In these situations the person making the judgement has not interacted with the individual, does not know what has been happening just before they ‘saw’ the individual and also are totally unaware of what the individual is seeing through their eyes…..but because they are famous and ‘public property’ we reserve the right to expect them to react in the way that we want them to. Anything short of this and they are a right bastard!

So back to being in a band. You do not have to be famous for people to formulate an opinion about you. Without any personal interaction with you, people will formulate their opinion whether that be about your capability as a musician, your dress sense, your (perceived) attitude or whether they just don’t like your music. These observations jumbled up together results in their opinion about you…good or bad.

I genuinely do not have an issue of people formulating opinions after all it is totally natural however I do have an issue with the armchair trolls who enjoy sharing their opinion in the public domain of social media and I have sympathy with high profile celebrities who receive vile

and hateful messages or posts. Even us, a bunch of unknown struggling musicians have been exposed to the vitriol that is spread by these vile trolls who hide behind their on-line profiles.

A Prolific Intern Troll

A prolific internet Troll ....aka Donald Trump

In the past we have been accused of ruining someone’s Christmas, we have been accused of being ‘plastic’ and more recently a relatively well-known local figure made a pointless and crass remark about us which was completely unsolicited. Although our initial reaction in these situations is to formulate a response but respond harsher than the original remark….we can’t, if we do the whole thing escalates, more people join in and there is only going to be 1 loser and it is not going to be Mr Troll or Mrs Troll.

These Trolls know who they are, they are spineless, think they are witty and revel in the adoration of ‘likes’ on social media to compensate for the absence of a real circle of friends. They make comments without any foundation or fact, preferring to listen to hearsay and see their commentary as a public service when in fact the majority of people will disregard their efforts and those who do actually notice their contribution will probably feel a slight sense of sadness for the author’s pointless existence.

So if you are a Troll I challenge you, next time you feel that you need to express your opinion particularly about a person or people that you really don’t know, ask yourself why you need to do it. If you cannot find an answer other than to seek the adoration of others, it is simple…..don’t do it.

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